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Great AIxpectations

Michael Ashley Schulman
3 min readMay 10, 2023

May 10, 2023 —

Google’s opportunity to put AI in everything!

Here is my interpretation of Google’s recent major artificial intelligence (AI) announcements and incidentally, Running Point (a multifamily office) and I (its chief investment officer, Michael Ashley Schulman, CFA), were quoted about this by Reuters in an article by Jeffrey Dastin and Greg Bensinger, “Google I/O 2023: Search king adds AI to respond to Microsoft challenge.”

It is not just about what is possible, but the ability to make the possibe simple and easy to use!

The article was picked up by Yahoo Finance, U.S. News & World Report, MSN, Saltwire, The Globe and Mail, and Financial Post (Canada), RTE (Ireland), Kriptovaliutos (Lithuania), IT News (Australia), ARN News Centre (UAE), Dubai Eye, Zawya (Middle East), CGTN (China), The Star (Malaysia), Chanel News Asia (Singapore), Tuoi Tre News (Vietnam), BD News 24 and The Financial Express (Bangladesh), The Express Tribune (Pakistan), The Print and Bharat Times (India), and others.

Google’s AI Push, Great AIxpectations (skinny) — Graphic design by

Great AIxpectations

Alphabet/Google has met and possibly exceeded expectations in announcing integration of their large language models (generative AI) into their flagship products of Gmail and search (their new search generative experience (SGE). It is not just about what is possible, but the ability to make the possibe simple and easy to use!

Google’s willingness and ability to reinvent and disrupt themselves and their user experiences were on display in full force at Google I/O 2023!

Bard, their generative AI technology, will automatically integrate into their workhorse Google search engine, Lens image search, and coding queries. Their Perspectives filter will enhance YouTube for the TikTok crowd. Magic Editor will allow complex edits in the foreground and background of photos as well as intelligently recreate missing parts in an edited picture. Magic Compose can rewrite texts in different styles: funny, concise, formal, or Shakespearean. MusicLM will turn text into music. Sidekick will make writing suggestions in real time. Codey is Google’s response to GitHub’s Copilot. Tailwind will organize and summarize a user’s free-form notes. Universal Translator will not only translate audio within video, but also resynchronize the speaker’s lip movements to match the new language.

Quoted article excerpt is below:

Michael Ashley Schulman, chief investment officer at Running Point Capital Advisors, said, “The company is showing a willingness and ability to reinvent and disrupt itself, which I feel will be favorably received by investors.”

In Portuguese: Michael Ashley Schulman, director de investimentos da Running Point Capital Advisors, disse à Reuters que “a empresa está a demonstrar disposição e capacidade de se reinventar e inovar, o que acredito que será recebido favoravelmente pelos investidores”.

Google’s AI Push, Great AIxpectations — Graphic design by

“Workspace was built to allow you to collaborate in real time with other people. Now you can collaborate in real time with AI.” ~~Sundar Pichai

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